In this film we find out about domestic workers' concerns for the future.


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Transcript (0.43 to 1.45)

Natalie (Kalayaan) explains what the new visa rules mean for domestic workers in the UK.

 “Domestic workers who come under the old rules, so that’s anybody who applied for their entry clearance to the UK (so their first visa) before 6 April 2012 can apply to renew their visa, providing they’re still employed in full-time employment (which is about 35 hours or more) as a domestic worker in a private household. They will also be able in some cases to bring their dependants. And after 5 years in the UK, they will be able to apply for settlement, so for Indefinite Leave to Remain. They also have the right to change employer during that time, although they should not leave a big gap between employers. They should try to move quickly from one to the other. And they need to notify the Home Office when they change employers.

People coming in under the new rules, as of 6 April 2012 (and that’s just for new people coming to the UK under those rules): they will not be able to change employer, they will not be able to exchange their visa past 6 months, bring dependants or settle.”