Would you like to work in a shop? Do you know how to use a till? 

You will hear Rob explaining the basics of using a till and learn some useful language.  


Task 1 - vocabulary

Task 2 - true or false

Task 3 - sentence ordering



OK, so the main thing, the first thing to know, is where to put the price in.  So you put the price in using these numbers here, so if the price was two fifty, you always put it in pence, so you’ll put two, two pound fifty, you put ‘two five zero’.  And you can see here on the screen that the price comes up. After you’ve put in the price, you would select the category that the item is, so if it’s a book you would select ‘books’;  if it’s menswear you would select ‘men's’; homeware, ‘homeware’, et cetera.  So, let’s say this is a music item, we would select ‘music’.


And if there’s another item, then you would just add in the price for the next item and the category after that, and so on for as many items as the person is buying.  At the end, when you want to put through the payment, after everything’s been added, you would press ‘subtotal’.  That will give you the total price for this purchase.  Then you will ask the customer how they would like to pay.  If they’re paying by cash, you put in the amount they give you in cash.  So if they give you ten pounds, you would put in ‘ten zero zero’, and then you would press ‘cash’.


If they’re paying by credit card you would just pay, or debit card, you would just pay, press the ‘debit/credit card’ button, and then you would use the card machine separately.


Mm, after you press ‘cash’, they enter the amount of cash they give you and press ‘cash’.  It will tell you how much change they are due to receive, and you would give them the change out of the till. That’s the main thing to know when putting through sales.




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  • If you work in a shop, what is it like?
  • Do you have advice for people who would like to work in a shop?
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This is a very good resource for students in places with good ICT facilities. However, is there an off-line version of this available for those students in places around the UK without good ICT?

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