Habib, a self-employed taxi driver, talks about his plans for the future. Use your listening skills to correct mistakes and answer questions.


Task 1 - order the sentences

Can you put the sentences in the correct order?


Trudie: So, let’s talk about the future now. Where do you want to be in 5 years?

Habib: 5 years, well I’m just working hard. We will see what’s happening.

Trudie: But you’re happy now?

Habib: Yeah.

Trudie: Will you be happy to do the same in 5 years?

Habib: Well, if I can afford, maybe I’ll open my own one. If not, I’ll carry on.

Trudie: It would be good, yeah, wouldn’t it? Now, is there any advice you could give to other people who are just starting out being a self-employed taxi driver?

Habib: Yeah well, It’s very nice. You’ve got your own time, what time you want to go, what time you’re going to leave. You’ve got enough time for your children, for your family. Yes,

Trudie: Em, now I just want to ask you a few more questions before we end the interview. what do you think your customers like about you?

Habib: Well, to be honest, some of them, I can say most of them, they saying you’re a very nice boy, very polite,

Trudie: Yeah, yeah, but that’s important to be polite, isn’t it? And do you have regular customers?

Habib: Yeah a lot. A lot of them.

Trudie: And do you get people who have like the school run?

Habib: Yeah, especially in the morning. I used to do daytime. There’s a lot during the day, especially in the morning school-time. Drop them, bring them back, yeah.

Trudie: So they’re your regular customers?

Habib: Yes.

Trudie: And the last question – how do you make your customers happy?

Habib: Oh, try to keep them laugh.

Trudie: Absolutely.

Habib: Make a joke with them, be nice, yeah.

Trudie: Oh well that’s wonderful. Well, thank you very much Habib.

Habib: You’re welcome.