In this section of the interview, Habib talks about his everyday working life.

Before listening, think about these questions:

  • What kind of hours does a taxi driver work?
  • How wide an area would a taxi driver typically cover?
  • How does a taxi driver get customers?

Listen to the recording of Habib. Does he mention anything you thought of?


Task 1 - listening: true or false

Task 2 - key vocabulary


Trudie: So, what area, so you’re in London, but what area do you cover? How wide an area?

Habib: Yes, the area that we’re covering is Archway, Holloway, Camden, Kentish Town, Highgate.

Trudie: So what’s that a radius of, do you think? 10 miles, is it?

Habib: It’s about…no, it’s about 6 miles all round.

Trudie: OK What’s the longest journey you’ve been on?

Habib: Well we do a lot. Airports I’ve been once Birmingham.

Trudie: That’s a long way. That person must have been very rich!

Habib: Oh yeah.

Trudie: Can you tell me about what happens in a typical day? Do you work in the day?

Habib: I’m doing night.

Trudie: Ah, so could you run me through, talk me through what happens in a shift? You do a shift, yeah?

Habib: Yeah. You meet different kind of people, a (lot) drunk people, especially weekend.

Trudie: Oh, drunk people.

Habib: Yeah. It’s OK.

Trudie: It’s OK?

Habib: Yeah.