When Laura gets to work to do her cleaning job she finds a note from her employers.  Notes sometimes miss out words that are not important. A note should be polite, clear and easy to understand. 

What do you think is in the note from Laura's employers? Do you think Laura's employers are writing about the weather? Are they writing about a film they watched? No, of course not. The note gives instructions.


Task 1 - note writing

Notes sometimes have missing words. The missing words are not important words. You can understand the note without these words.Look at the different choices in the activity below and decide which one (a, b or c) is the best one for a note.

Task 2 - giving instructions

What does the note tell Laura to do? Can you find the three instructions in the note?

Task 3 - phrases and words

Some groups of words can have a different meaning when they are said together and it is better to learn these groups of words. 


The handwritten note to Laura says:

'Neil’s family round last night.’ 

What does ‘round’ mean?  Does it mean a circle? 

No, it is from a phrasal verb ‘come round’ or ‘come around’. It means 'to visit’.

Now complete the activity below. Fill in the gaps with the correct phrase or word

Task 4 - apostrophes

The note to Laura was written quickly. She sees some mistakes with apostrophes. Please add or correct the apostrophes in the activity below then check your answer. There may be more than one per question.