What do you usually do every day? What do you never do? Watch our learning English video for ESOL learners on using adverbs of frequency like always, never and always.


Task 1 - choose the adverb

Task 2 - reordering

Task 3 - how often do you?


  • What things do you do everyday? What time do you get up? Where do you go?
Tell us about your daily routine.
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Very clear explanations with the right pace for begginer learners.the use of cards proves very helpful.


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That's great, we're glad you found it helpful!

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good learning

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I usually get up at 6:30 a.m., take a shower and have my breakfast. I have to take a bus to my job, every day. I never use my car beacuse the rude traffic jam.

After work, I go to my English course twicw a week, and go to the gynm, almost every day.

Finally, in my free times I often go to the park to do exercises and take a rest of the stressful days of work.

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Since I live in England, I get up early in the morning every day. I usually have my breakfast with my family and I always have my lunch alone at work. In the afternoon I often go to the gym. I go to English class twice a week.

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I always get up about seven a.m almost everyday. I usually have my breakfast half past eigh. I often walk to my children school alot. I occasionally take my children go swim after school twice a week.
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I always learn English in every morning. I usually go to coffee shop, take a cup of coffee and start learning, it makes me excited. I never get up late in the morning because I have go to work, it takes me an hour to get to the office, therefore I have to get up early. I often go to office by bus. I also like football, I play it twice a week.