We can use comparative and superlative adjectives to describe or compare two or more people or things.


Task 1 - arrange sentences

Task 2 - gap fill

Task 3 - matching


  • What are the differences betweek the UK and your country?
  • What's better in the UK? What's worse?
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Good Exersice !

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My country is Russia and it is the bigger than the UK. The weather in my country is the drier than the UK. But the UK is the greener than Russia. Russia is the cheaper than the UK.

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thank you for this course. it will help me to improve my grammar but I would like you to give informations about construction of comparative and superlative adjectives.

thank you.

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The differences between in my country and the uk,is about our goverment action i remember i'm watching the news on my ipad and i saw all my fellow Filipino.Suffering because of the storm.You could see they asking for water and foods and help,after the storm the next day and second day there's no help or Aid from our goverment.They saying their truck counldn't get in i said to my mind why not use their helicopter to fly all the help.If you could see how our fellow filipino suffer it really terrible.

First aid ship arrive from the uk i just couldn't believe why our goverment they action really slow to help the people,why our goverment i think not ready for what gonna happen to our country.Why the british goverment could send any aid even really far,they could send relief good in the philippines using their helicoptert to send aid and ship to help the peoples who is been effected by the storm..

I think this is what are the diferences between in my country and the uk

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The UK is expensive than my country.

The Football is the followest sport in UK. 

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My country is bigger than The UK.The UK is wetter than Iran,but my country is colder than The UK .My country has more different climate than the UK.In The UK ,people has more freedom than Iran. I think the UK people are the best people in the world,because when i came to The UK,they give me all of things.

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The Uk is smaller and older than my county. People in the UK are more polite than in Brazil. The public transport in the UK is better and more efficient than in my country, we can go faster without wasting time. The weather in Brazil is hotter and every day getting drier and drier than the UK. Portugues is more difficult to learn than English.

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My country, Cameron, is an African country but UK is an European countries. My country is smaller than the UK. People in Cameron are more friendly than UK. UK is colder than Cameroon. My country is poorer than UK because the government in UK is more organised and it helps the population more my country. I think UK food is the better because there is different kinds of restaurants and varied food. I like the football teams in UK. There is less traffic in UK than in my country. The lifestyle in UK is busier than in CAMEROON. I love UK. It's a very nice country.