Watch the presentation and complete the activities to find out how we use 'will, going to and present continuous' to talk about the future. 


Task 1 - choose 'will' or 'going to

Task 2 - make a sentence

Task 3 - choose the correct future form


  • What are you doing today?
  • What are you doing this weekend?
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nicely explained differences between three of them, got it after 8 years, better later then at all :)

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Thanks Beata, now you can talk about your future plans with confidence! yes

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This year I'm going to do three important things, at least. First of all, I'm going to read more books, especially in English, to brush up my English skills. Secondly, I intent to work out almost every day, of course I'm not an athlete, but phisical exercises can be very healthy for my body and my mind. Finally, I'm going to travel abroad to know different plaeces and differente people: UK and Greece are the most graceful place I have heard.