Have you ever lost anything? How did you describe what you lost? In this presentation you can learn how to describe things and the right order to use adjectives.


Task 1 - choose the correct sentence

Task 2 - choose the correct adjective

Task 3 - order the adjectives


  • Have you ever lost anything? What ? Can you describe it?
  • Did you ever find it?
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Avery useful video presentation together with the following tasks.I'll be making use of them with my classes.Thanks a lot.

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it's very helpful 

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Several years ago I lost my middle-sized black textile bag. It contained an old grey-orange mobile phone, very important for me documents, such as, driving license and work permit. Also, my brown leather wallet with some cash was in the bag too. The accident happened when I was giving a lift to my friends, and the bag, probably, fell out of my car when they were coming out. Fortunately, my documents were given back to me for a reward, but the rest of items I've never seen again. Actually, that was the first, and I really hope the last time I lost something.