Can you talk about your life story in English? Can you use the past simple to say what your life was like before? In this presentation for ESOL learners we explain how to use ‘used to’ ‘would’ and the ‘past simple’ to talk about things you did in the past.


Task 1 - matching 'used to'

Task 2 - choose the correct ending

Task 3 - choose the correct sentence


Can you use ‘used to’ and ‘would’ to tell us something about things you did in the past?

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hey hi could you please guide me about the auxiliary verb used to? Is it used with verb's ing form for example, I'am used to playing cricket. Is this right please tell me thank you .

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I was a soldier three years ago. I used to wake up early when I was in the military, that's a rule. Every morning I would exercise and run around the stadium for an hour. That was really very hard, but it made me tough. If I did not join the army, I would not become a real man.