When we talk about something that happened in the past we sometimes want to refer back to something that happened before that time. We can use the past perfect tense to do this. Watch our video presentation and find out more!


Task 1 - complete the sentences

Task 2 - choose the correct verb

Task 3 - meaning of past perfect


  • Has anything ever gone wrong for you? Did you lose your keys? Did you lock yourself out? 
  • What happened? What had you done?
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I'd like to thank those who took the time and effort to come up with such helpful material.

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We're delighted to hear that are finding the site helpful. Good luck with your studies!

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I finally could understand what is going on and use it in my practise. .-) many thanks

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I would to thank you for these useful lessons.

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Yesterday was terrible. I woke up late because I forgot to set the alarm. I could not brush my teeth because the brush had been stolen by my cat. I also could not have breakfast because it was too late. Then my car didn't work because it had ran out of petrol, I lent it to my son yesterday and he hasn't filled it up. When I arrived in the office, I realised that I had left the key at home so I had to wait for my co-worker to help. The last thing in the world I wanted is to have to work without my laptop. Yesterday was really terrible.

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Please advise. Which is correct to use past sentence or past perfect one in the following case. Or both of them are correct case by case. Ex. I had thought that I have to go there. Or I had thought that I had to go there.

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Yesterday, when I got back to my home, I noticed I had left my keys at work.