Linking words join sentences and ideas together. They make your English much clearer and more fluent. Three good linking expressions are in spite of, despite and although. Watch our presentation to find out more.


Task 1 - reorder the words to make sentences

Task 2 - match the beginnings and endings of the sentences

Task 3 - drag and drop


Can you make a true sentence about yourself with any of the linking words we’ve learned in this presentation?

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Despite loving travelling abroad, I didn't visit any country yet.
In spite of the raining, The sun rises.

Although i love English, I still can't speak fluently.

Even though i have many foreign friends, We don't practice English together.

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I couldn't get the business visa although I had all necesarry documents. 

I've learned English despite not attending any courses. 

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Even dough I am not in love with him, we are going to move in together.

Despite the noise, the new restaurant is really nice.

In spite of the new bed, her back still in pain. 

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Nice website

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Even though Steve worked hard, he didn't wrote the exam well.

Despite the rain john playing football with his colleagues

In spite of the pain she helping to her friend.

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Although it's raining I have to go.

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Even though I learn English,I don't improve that much

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we lost in spite of the fact that we know the way
we broke although we are in love
she won money despite the fact that she did´t buy the lottery
despite the weather, we running all the afternoon
even though she is very smart she don´t have a good job

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Even though Im a good player I missed an easy goal.
Despite the fact that Yekini is the best wrestler in Senegal,he was beaten by Bala Gaye.

Many thanks.

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Despite the bad weather I enjoyed my day.
My friend didn't have food since the morning even though his mother cooked for him.
I could manage to drive my car even though it rained.
Despite the fact that she is good in singing, she couldn't defeat her rivals.
Although he went to Australia to study physics but he couldn't learn anything.