Have you heard the phrases ‘used to’ in English? Do you know what it means? Did you know that it has more than one meaning? Watch our ESOL video to find out more about ‘used to’.


Task 1 - reorder the words to make sentences

Task 2 - drag and drop

Task 3 - matching


  • How long have you been in the UK?
  • Is there anything you found easy to get used to?
  • Is there anything that you aren’t used to yet? 
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0 votes

I never have been in the UK.

I think I found easy to get used to new routines.

I can't get used to cold weather.

0 votes

I used to live in nepal

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When I lived in Spain I used to go every day to the beach
I got used to walking through the crowd when I was in Japan
My family is used to eating at 18,00

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I am very happy to study with Esol Nexus online because it has helped me to learn English grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

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It was very difficult getting used to living in a big city. When I arrived from a small town I had to adapt to a new life. For example, I had to get used to sleeping with traffic noise. Also, I got used to spending more time to go from one place to other. After two years of being here I got used to public transport but I used to walk to the desired location, no matter how long it took. My friend asks: Did you get used to living in a big city?- My answer is that I'm still getting used to it but I can't get used to the crowds.