Have you heard the expressions ‘if only’ or ‘wish’ in English? They are ways you can talk about something you regret or something that annoys you. Want to know more? Watch our ESOL video to find out about ‘‘if only’ or ‘wish’.


Task 1 - drag and drop gap fill

Task 2 - regrets

Task 3 - ‘if only’ sentence reordering


  • Is there anything you ‘wish’ people didn’t do?
  • Is there anything that you ‘wish’ you didn’t do?
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it is so fun

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I wish people would leave power before it becomes too late.

I wish our national football team would win the African cup of nations.

Many thanks.

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I wish people would stop fighting each other.
If only people wouldn't fight each other.
I wish I hadn't left my former college.
If only I had stayed at my former college, I could have improved my level.
I wish each person Successfully achieved his dreams.
If only people loved each other, we could live in quite peace.

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I wish People didn't lie to others

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I wish I wasn't a perfectionist
If only my little dog hadn´t eaten so much. She can´t walk now.

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1.I wish I hadn't agreed to travel in this condition.
2 If only I knew, I would not have written the test that time.

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Things that I wish people didn't do.
- I wish people wouldn't be so mean. I wish people would be more kind, helpful and selfless.
- I really wish our world hadn't had the wars
- I wish people in this world wouldn't be hungry or starved.
-. I wish I hadn't stopped to learn to drive when I was as the teenager.
- I wish I hadn't studied food science faculty at University, I wish that I'd studied English literature.
- I wish I hadn't given up with my swimming lesson, I wish I could swim.
Thank you very much.

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I wish mums in London wouldn't get on the buses with extra large baby buggies when buses are very busy.
I wish I hadn't stopped to study after my diploma.
If only I knew that last week it would rain soo much in Spain, I would book my holiday later.

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If only I didn't work overtime hard I could find more jobs.
I wish I'd work with dedication when I was at XYZ company.

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I wish I didn't work so much to have more time for studying.