Do you notice any big differences between the social values and rules of your country and the UK? Watch the video where Anne talks about some of the changes she has noticed in the UK since she was young. Then complete the tasks which focus on modals verbs to talk about obligation.


Task 1 - comprehension

Task 2 - gap fill

Fill the gaps with the correct form of either: "have to" or "be allowed".


Hello, do you live in the UK? And, if you do, have you noticed many differences between your country and the UK? The weather is one thing that people normally mention as a big difference but I think there are deeper differences. Have you noticed any differences between the law in the UK and your country and social customs? Because there are differences from country to country and from time to time.

For example when I was a child we didn't have to wear seat belts when we drove in a car. We used to kneel up on the back seat and wave to the car behind, something that would be unthinkable nowadays and definitely against the law.

Also when I was younger attitudes to drinking and driving were quite different. It wasn't allowed to drink and drive a car; it was against the law but people didn't really consider it to be a serious crime as they do nowadays.

Another difference was behaviour at school. When I was at school if a teacher entered the room we all had to immediately stand up straight to show respect, but I don't think there's any of that any more.

As well, when we were children we all had Sunday clothes, "Sunday Best" and when we went to church we had to dress very smartly. These days I don't think many people go to church and if they do, jeans are certainly all right. In fact I think as a country we dress quite casually. You can see people wearing jeans in the theatre, even at the opera. But it's only in ... up to the mid nineteen sixties when women weren't allowed to go into smart restaurants wearing trousers, you won't find that any more. In fact, I think there's just the Ritz restaurant in London that still has a dress code and that's for men, not women. Men still have to wear jackets and ties to go to the Ritz. But on the whole things have changed quite a lot since I was young.

Have you noticed any differences between social rules and laws from your country to the UK? If you have, would you like to write and tell us about them?



Think about a country you know well.

  • What differences are there between the social rules and laws of that country and the UK?
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Many thins are different between two country but is very important that in my country Iran ,poeple changed and have new ideaes about the old rules and costumes.Many of young people say why do they do or consider about things that they haven't any roles when those laws came to parliment?

In my country Iran all of thins changed but treaditional costumes are big barrier.

Anybody didn't know what is the best things for doing in socaity.