Do you have a hobby? In this lesson, you will listen to Penny talking about her hobby. The language focus is the present perfect.

  • Have you ever had a hobby?
  • Do you have a hobby now?
  • What do you like doing in your free time?


Task 1 - comprehension

Listen and test your understanding with the activity below.

Task 2 - language activity

Complete the sentences using either the present perfect or the past simple form of the verb.

Task 3 - game

Can you put these sentences in the right order?


Have you got a hobby? I have – pottery. I’ve done it since I was quite little because my uncle and aunt are potters, and whenever we went to visit them on holiday I always played on the pottery wheel.

I’ve only really become more serious about pottery since about 2008, when I decided to join an evening class. Then, last year, I bought my own potter’s wheel, so I can make pots at home now.

I’ve made lots of different things over the years. When I started, I made some very strange, heavy little bowls. But little by little, I’ve managed to make thinner bowls, and I’ve just made a set of bowls that we use for breakfast every day. I’ve also made lots of mugs. These are getting better too – the first ones were really heavy even before you put coffee in them! My neighbour’s just asked me to make a set of mugs for her, and I’ve sold quite a few to friends.

When I first started, I used to put a ball of clay on the wheel, and then I had absolutely no control over it. Sometimes it became a bowl, sometimes a plate, maybe a mug, and often I had to throw it away – it was always quite a surprise! Thankfully I have improved since then, as I can now decide what I want to make before I start making it. I have learnt to control the clay to make the shape I want. I have also started making bigger things like jugs and serving bowls, and more difficult things like teapots. I haven’t sold any teapots yet, but my kitchen is getting very full so I think I’ll need to start selling them soon!


Do you have a hobby or have you ever had one? Maybe learning English is your hobby! Email us and tell us what you do in your free time! 

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My hobby is studying english with the British Councel.

I also like to cook english.

Every year I visit London for a walk.

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It is amazing lesson and I hope find more .

Present perfect is very important grammar .

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My hobby is reading and listening to the podcast everyday,i really like to read when you listening in the sametime because it help you improved your listening and your speaking and writen too.

Wow this is nice because with the audio i can really enjoy reading the transcript i can follow what the person saying and i can hear how she pronunce the world   To able to help really correct the spelling..? 
I hope one day more audio and long story with the transcript we can read,so we can really learn the english we wanted to learn to help us to reach our gold,and more lesson thank you very much to given us an opportunity a free lesson like this because to people can't afford to go to English class but  they can find here in the british council and ESOL all the lsseon they need. I really thankful i found this website like before i couldn't say a world i want to say but now atleast i can talk and write little by little i can ride buss and taxi now without asking For help like what i'm goin to say how to go there what direction, now I can really can do it by myself thats why i can't stop saying thank you i'm really happy British council and ESOL done to me to help me to improve my english and i promise i will continue my study here. 
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my hobby is Embroidery and cooking.
I have learned since i was 8 years old and still doing it.

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my hobby is cooking and reading.

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My hobby is reading and writing.

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my hobby is embroidery and reading and writing.

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I think everybody should try best to make new things bu his own experiance. Becase it will help their future life.I would like to work and play with under 5 children. I have some experiance becase I worked with under 5 children in a kenter-garden school in Bangladesh and I know how can manage them.The children are like that clay and their brain is very sharp.So if we can try to give perfect knpledge to the nation.

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I knew how to manage them. The children are like clay and their brains are very sharp so if we try we can give perfect knowledge to the nation. If god helps me I will work with children. It is my hobby.