Are there some things that you do every week? Do you have a routine? Watch the video and listen to Anne talk about her routine. The focus of this lesson is using adverbs of frequency.


Task 1 - comprehension

Watch, and test your understanding with the activity below.

Task 2 - language activity

Put the adverbs in order from most often to least often.

Task 3 - ordering

Put the words into the correct order. Put the adverb of frequency before the main verb. 


Hello, today I’m going to talk to you about my weekly routine. I work 4 days a week from Tuesday until Friday. So on the days that I work I always get up at 6.15 and leave the house at 7.30 and I often don’t get home again until after 9 pm.

I never work on Mondays. Monday is my day off. I love Mondays. I usually go swimming in the morning and in the afternoon I do housework but sometimes I meet friends for afternoon tea.

At the weekend I always go to the supermarket in the morning and do the weekly shop and in the afternoon, if it’s nice, I go for a walk.

In the evening I occasionally meet friends and go to the cinema or do something else with friends, go to a restaurant, something like that. How about you? What’s your weekly routine?


Do you have a weekly routine? Why not email us and tell us about the things that you do every week

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