Are you an easy-going person? Do many things get on your nerves? Watch the video of Anne talking about things that get on her nerves and practise using phrases like 'I wish you would ...' to show you are irritated.


Task 1 - comprehension

Task 2 - grammar practice


Hello, are you an easy-going person or do things get on your nerves and make you angry? I like to think that I'm an easy-going person but sometimes I find other people's behaviour quite irritating.

Dropping litter for example. I really wish people wouldn't drop their litter in the street. I don't know why they can't just walk a little bit further down the road and put their litter in the bin, or take it home. Other people don't want to see it on the pavement.

And another thing that really gets on my nerves is people talking on their mobile phones at the supermarket checkout or in shops. I wish they would just finish their conversation before they get to the checkout and then concentrate on what they are doing. Anyway I think it's quite disrespectful to the person working on the till.

And when I'm driving it really bugs me when I let people go first and they don't say thank you. I wish they'd learn some manners. It doesn't cost anything just to smile or nod your head to acknowledge another person's kindness.

Actually quite a lot of things get on my nerves. Perhaps I'm not as easy-going as I thought I was. What about you?



  • Do many things bug you?

(This is an informal way of saying: Do many things get on your nerves?)

  • Do you think you are an easy-going person?
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I'm not an easy-going person at all. There are a lot of things that get on my nerves/bug me. I wish I would be an easy-going person.

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I am an easy going person but there are some little things irritate me. For example, If my neighbour is so noisy when I try to sleep. Another thing that I really gets on my nerves is people don't listen to me when I speak to them.  

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i am not an easy going person i get irritated easily by the things i really dnt like .sometimes i wish to be alone but if someone distrube me i was like kill them i have a mood swings no one knows when i am going to be angry or happy i really dnt like people who scream at me when i have done nothing .

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i am an easy going person,except i get annoyed when my husband keeps playing with his phone when i am talking to him,it really gets on my nerves on such situations.

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yes I think I am an easy-going person

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I'm an easy person

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Actually, I'm not an easy-going person. There are many behaviours that get on me nerves.