In this lesson Anne talks about her work as an English teacher. The language focus is on the present perfect continuous and simple.


Task 1 - comprehension

Watch and test your understanding with the activity below.

Task 2 - language activity

Listen and watch again and type the missing words in the gaps.


Hello, how long have you been learning English, and have you had many different teachers? I’ve been teaching English for over 35 years and I’ve taught in quite a few different countries. I’ve taught in Spain, Germany, Greece, and of course, I’ve taught in England. In England I’ve taught at a few different college and schools, and obviously I’ve taught lots and lots of different students from all over the world; and that’s why I love teaching English because of all the wonderful, different students that I’ve taught. And I hope that I’ll continue teaching English for quite a few years in the future.


Have you had a lot of different English teachers? Which one was your favourite and why? Tell us about your teachers.

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I remember the English class i attent here in new york,i'm very shy and i couldnt look to my classmate and to my teacher the class is in the library they have free class there, the library is really big and alot of books you can find and read i remember i can't speak that verywell the class is only 3months but i didn't  continue because i don't have no work and i cant affort to pay my fare able to ride train go to my class thats why i stop my class, two weeks later because i really want to learn and  i want to improve  i go to my computer and i research and i found british council like before i almost lose hope because i couldn't speak english very well and alot of thing happen to me like embarassment  becuase i really don't know how to speak english but since i start my study here in british council i said i wont stop and i continue my study because i dont want to happen to me like  before  i'm really scared i couldn't defend myself but now i believe i can do it now because of  british council and ESOL i can study Now again and i promise i will be good student 

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Good exercises!

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I learned english from an english teacher named Mr Downey from when I was 12 until 16. Then I learned English from dictionaries and the BBC.

Now I am learning English from the British Council and native speakers from London when I am visit London during city walks every year.

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Hi Mark,

I'm really glad you find the website helpful. Keep on pracising. You are a good student.


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I've studied English for many years, so I've had a lot of English teachers. When I started my studies learn English was very difficult because we didn't have many opportunities to speak, listen and read. The classes was boring and many students did not like them.  It was not like today that we have internet and this wonderful British Council's work.
When I was eighteen I've had a teacher very funny. He was a lovely teacher, so worried with the students and he always had different activities and jokes. We did not see the time pass.