Learn about the ‘i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’ rule. Do these activities and improve your spelling.

i’ before ‘e’

There’s a useful rule to help you learn the spelling of words like ‘believe’ and ‘receive’.

‘i’ before ‘e’

(except after ‘c’)

when the sound is ‘ee’.

Most words are spelt ‘ie’, like ‘field’, ‘believe’ and ‘grief’.

But when there’s a ‘c’ before the ‘ee’ sound, the spelling is ‘ei’. For example ‘ceiling’, ‘receive’ and ‘receipt’.


Task 1 - spelling: ‘i’ before ‘e’

Task 2 - grouping

Task 3 - reordering


  • Remember, no rule is perfect, and there are always some exceptions, such as ‘seize’ and ‘species’.
  • Did you know the ‘i’ before ‘e’ rule? Will you use this rule to help with your spelling?