Have you ever been to hospital or would you like to work in healthcare? This activity will help you learn new words used in hospital. 


Task 1 - learn new words

Use the pictures to help you learn the new words. Do you know some of the words? Click on the green tick next to the words you know so that it becomes a red cross. Now you will only learn new words.

Task 2 - pronunciation

Listen to the word. Think about where the strong sound is in the word.
0 is the strong sound, o is the weak sound.
For example:
  o    0   o
consultant (con sul tant) - the strong sound is in the middle of the word

Task 3 - use the words 1

If you have an appointment, a hospital will send you a letter. The letter gives information such as the time and day, and what will happen. Here are two letters from a hospital. Read them and fill in the gaps with the words from activity one.

Task 4 - use the words 2

Here is letter number 2.

Task 5 - match the words

Did you notice the verbs used in the letters? Can you remember which verb goes with each of the words you have learned? Test yourself by matching the words and verbs! There is one new word, can you spot it?