These activities are to help you learn the words that you will need to look for a job at the Jobcentre in the UK. 


Task 1 - find the meaning

If you are unemployed, the Jobcentre is a very useful place, where you can learn new skills and find a job. 

Task 2 - listen

Listen to the audio above and put the Sunita’s instructions on how a Jobcentre works in the order you hear them.

Task 3 - learn new words

Task 4 - test your vocabulary


Task 2

Hi, my name is Sunita and I’m a Jobseeker.

I receive benefits from the government because I am not working so I need help. To receive benefits, I need to do three things.

Firstly, every two weeks, on a Wednesday at 2pm, I go to my local Job Centre to sign on. I tell them I am still looking for a job.

Secondly, I go on training courses to learn new skills. For example, I went on a course last month to learn how to use a computer. The Job Centre also showed me how to write a CV and covering letter and I learned how to prepare for an interview.

Thirdly, I need to prove I am looking for a job so I log my job searches. I have a special book for this. It’s called a Log Book.

Then when I see a job I like and I can do, I need to apply for it.

To apply, I sometimes send a CV and I often write a covering letter to go with it, or I fill in an application form. Applications forms can be completed on-line or using a pen.

At the end, hopefully I will get an interview … and a job of course!

I have an interview next week. Wish me luck!