missing letters

When you add word endings to some words you have to think about what happens to the letters in the word. Some go missing and some stay the same.

For example, what happens to the letters in ‘danger’ when you add the word ending ‘-ous’? Nothing happens. The word ‘danger’ stays the same. But what about, the letters in the word, ‘humour’, when you add ‘-ous’? The letter ‘u’ disappears from ‘humour’ and results in ‘humorous’.


Task 1 - nouns and adjectives

When you add an ending onto a word, sometimes a letter disappears from the word.
e.g. hope + ing = hoping (not 'hopeing')
Look at the nouns and adjectives. Which nouns lose a letter to become adjectives?

Task 2 - practice

Task 3 - changing letters

In some words, the letters change when you add a word ending. For example, in the word, ‘vary’, the ‘y’ changes to an ‘i’ when you add the word ending, ‘-ous’, resulting in, ‘various’.

Task 4 - practice


How do you remember which suffixes to use and how to spell them? Do you have any ideas you could share on how to remember to spell difficult words?