Learn the vocabulary of supermarkets and adjectives you can use to describe them.


Task 1 - learn new words

Task 2 - using adjectives

Adjectives are words that describe nouns. For example:

  • a BIG supermarket,
  • a SMALL shop,
  • a HEAVY basket,
  • a BEAUTIFUL woman.

Task 3 - prepositions of place

In this exercise you can read a description of the picture, but some words are missing …

Task 4 - make sentences



As well as practice for the exam, describing people or things is a very useful skill to have. Here are some examples of when you may want to describe something:

  • you want to buy something and you describe to the shop assistant what you are looking for
  • you see a film and you want to tell people about it
  • you visit an interesting place and you want to share your experience
  • you go to a party or a wedding and you want to tell others about it
  • you witness a crime or an accident and the police ask you to describe what you saw
  • you go to a museum and you want to describe your favourite picture
  • and many more!!

Why not post your description on the ESOL Nexus website?

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  • The method is very interesting to help us how to learn.
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Well nice way to improve vocabulary thank you ESOL

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Very useful, thanks a lot. Better to start first with things of common life. Is easy to loose a language when you don't practice.

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This is the best english course I ever followed

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it is very nice i took more idea and thanks esol nexus