Do you want to get better at spelling? Would you like to know more about how to spell word endings? Do these activities and improve your spelling.


Task 1 - ‘-able’ or ‘-ible’?

Task 2 - quiz

Task 3: ‘-ful’ or ‘-fully’?


Rule for using ‘-able’ and ‘-ible’?

There are more adjectives with the ending, ‘able’, than there are with the ending, ‘ible’ and no new words are being created with the word ending, ‘ible’.

There is a rule which can help you with the correct spelling.

If you remove the word ending, ‘-able’ from a word, the root word will be a complete word in itself, for example, if you remove the ending, ‘-able’ from the word ‘comfortable’ you are left with the complete word, ‘comfort’.  This is not the case for words ending in ‘-ible’. If we look at the word, ‘terrible’, with the ending, ‘-ible’ and then remove the ‘-ible’, we are not left with a complete word.

This rule works for most of the time, but as always, there are exceptions to this rule, for example, ‘accessible’, spelt with an ‘-ible’ ending is a complete word when the ‘-ible’ ending is removed.

Whenever you’re not sure about a word, check the spelling in your dictionary. 

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