What's the best place you've been to? Listen to Esther talking to Dot about the places that she has been to and the food that she ate there. You can also practise using adjectives here.


Task 1 - comprehension quiz

Task 2 - adjectives gap fill


Dot:         Hi, I’m Dot and this is Esther. Esther, do you like food from other countries?

Esther:   Yeah, I really like experimenting with different food and tasting food from all    around the world.

Dot:         And which countries have you visited?

Esther:   Um, I’m quite lucky, I’ve been to quite a few different countries, um, lots of countries in Europe. I’ve also been to Morocco and Cambodia, had some really interesting different food in those places.

Dot:         Did you work in Cambodia or just go for a holiday?

Esther:   I visited my sister. She lived there for quite a few years, so I went to see her.

Dot:         And what’s your favourite place that you’ve ever been?

Esther:   Um, I think my favourite place is Italy, um, I’ve been to a few different cities in Italy and had some amazing pizza and pasta and gorgeous Italian food, but I think my favourite place is Rome. It’s a beautiful city, it has really interesting history and, um, beautiful buildings and it’s just lovely, and nice weather.

Dot:         Thank you very much.

Esther:  Thank you. 



  • Do you like food from other countries?
  • What is the strangest food you have ever tried?

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