Watch and listen to the video, which shows someone posting a parcel to somebody in a different country. You can practise your listening skills as you complete the activities.


Task 1 - check you know these words

Task 2 - focus on the past simple


My friend Sam lives in Australia. I live in England. We like to keep in touch by email and send each other photos of our families. Yesterday was Sam’s birthday, and I wanted to send her something special. I put Sam’s present in a box and wrapped it in brown paper. I wrote Sam’s address on the front and my address on the back. I took the parcel to the Post Office in town. There was a long queue, but the assistant was really helpful. He asked me to put my parcel on the scales so he could tell me how much it would cost to send. Then, he put a special stamp on it, and a sticker that said ‘BY AIRMAIL’. “It will take about a week,” he said. Anyway, that was ten days ago. This morning, I got an email from Sam. She was delighted to receive a birthday present all the way from England!



  • What's the best way to keep in touch with family and friends in other countries?
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We can keep in touch by email and other ways on websites such as msg, facebook, Line, Whatsapp etc.

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We can use Skype to communicate or keep in touch by social network

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We can keep in touch with friends or family using mobile phone, sending sms, by email or on Skype.

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With friends in my country I use mobile phone and for international friends I have Facebook and Skype which is the cheapest way to keep in touch.

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We use usally Facebook, or kakaotalk to keep in touch with my friend and family.

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Now I use chat software and Facebook, but a few years ago I used to email or call.

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I can keep in touch with friends in other countries by email, sms or skype