a school nurse with a child

What do you know about the job of a school nurse? Listen to this school nurse talking about her job. After you have done all the exercises you can download the transcript and check any difficult words in your dictionary.


Task 1 - true or false

Task 2 - collocations

Task 3 - find the meaning


A: I’m going to ask you a few questions about your job, if that’s all right. What is your job?

SN: I’m a school nurse.

A: Do you like it??

SN: I do. Yes.

A: And what does a school nurse basically do?

SN: School nurses are available to provide advice for families, children and teachers at school on all sorts of things, such as healthy eating and exercise, behavioural problems, children with special needs, children who bed wet, children who are struggling to make the transition from primary to secondary school, perhaps children who are being bullied and they can also support families to manage conditions like diabetes, epilepsy, asthma.........

A: Oh, it’s quite a lot, isn’t it? Are you kind of attached to one school or an area, lots of schools.....?

SN: We’re based in health centres and we usually have about one secondary school and four or five primary schools that we work in.

A: I see, and how do people access your services, parents or children?

SN: They can ask the school. They’ll always have contact details of the school nurse. There’s usually a website that the school nurse’s phone number can be found and you can make a referral sometimes by filling out a form, sometimes just by phoning up.

A: And at secondary schools, is it parents, teachers or children who want to access your services or all of them?

SN: All of them. Often when the children are older they’ll come themselves and the school nurse might be based in school on a set day and the children can come and find her, but still parents can phone up and teachers can get in touch as well.

A: And how did you become a school nurse?

SN: I started off as a children’s nurse on a children’s ward for a few years, then I got the job as a school nurse after that.

A: And you like it.


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Dear Sir, I have found a mistake in your "Task 4 find the meaning" section . There it says Children with special needs Meaning Children who are having problems but it will be children with disability , same way in children with behavioural problems meaning will be children who are having problems . i believe this is a programing mistake , Would you mind to fix it for others.  Thanks.

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Dear Qumar,I have checked through the task and see that the answers indicated as correct are indeed the correct answers. In English we do say that childen with "special needs" are those who have a disability or learning difficulty. This is not a mistake. Best wishes wish your study of English. 

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that's too need for listening and such as translate and understanding meaning of some grammar thanks