This film is one of a series of BBC films about the British class system. Mistajam is an English DJ and radio presenter for BBC Radio 1. In this film he talks about himself and his family and their social class.


Task 1 - listening for information

Task 2 - listening for words that go together


I think that there will always be an upper class. I always think there will be an upper middle class but I think it will change to a position where if you are below that upper middle class then if you’re willing to work for that opportunity and you’re willing to try and go out and get that opportunity then you may not be perceived as having a particular class. My wife’s dad is a plumber so he’s a tradesman, and my dad as I say is a sheet metal worker so for the pair of us we are traditionally working class but we own our own home, our parents own their own homes, we’re both in quite successful jobs. We both earn above what you would necessarily think that somebody from working class would earn, so where would we fit in to the traditional model? We kind of wouldn’t so you’d have to create a new class to fit us in and I think that there’s a lot of people that are in our situation.


What do you think about the class system in Britain?

  • How many British people do you know? What class do you think they belong to?
  • How is the class system here different from your country?