weather forecaster

How do you find out about the weather? Do you ever listen to the weather forecast? This activity is designed to help you understand a weather forecast.


Task 1 - word stress

In spoken English, we usually use a strong stress (loud voice) for words which give us important information. For example, He's a BIG man.
Match the parts of the sentence to the stress patterns. O is a loud (strong stress) word. For example, a BIG man= oOo.

Task 2 - gap fill

Task 3 - what are the words?

Task 4 - dictation

Now listen and write down the dictation. You can try just the first part of the text if it’s too long. Use the pause button to stop it if you need more time. Check the transcript at the end.


It'll be a cold start with temperatures as low as 3 degrees celsius until about mid morning. There'll also be some heavy rain, especially in the west, so don't forget to take your umbrella with you if you're going out this morning.

By lunchtime things should be looking up and there'll be some sunshine in the early afternoon in most parts, with temperatures reaching 10 degrees celsius by late afternoon. It'll be a warm, dry evening with much higher temperatures than the cold nights we've been having over the last week.

And the good news is the warm weather is going to last for the weekend. Saturday'll be warm and dry with highs of 15 degrees and Sunday should be even hotter with highs of 21 degrees in the afternoon. It looks like summer's finally on its way so get out and make the most of the spring sunshine while you can!



Did these activities help you to understand the weather forecast better?

What's your favourite kind of weather? What's the weather like in your country?

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Yes they do
My favourite kind of weather is sunny weather

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Dictation was difficult for me. But I didn't give up. I did it all. This activity helped me to understand the weather forecast better. I could expand my vocabulary about the weather.