We say numbers in a different way when we talk about money. This activity will help you practice listening for and reading out prices.


Task 1 - reading prices

Task 2 - saying prices

Task 3 - listening for prices


ASSISTANT:              Hello, can I help you?

CUSTOMER:            Yes please. What have you got for around £5.00?

ASSISTANT:             Well, we do cheese sandwiches for £2.27, or you can have a cheese and tomato sandwich for £2.50. Cheese and ham is £2.72.

CUSTOMER:            How much are your drinks?

ASSISTANT:              Tea is £1.00 and coffee is £1.05.

CUSTOMER:            And do you do chips?

ASSISTANT:              Chips are £1.35.

CUSTOMER:            Okay. Then I’ll have a cheese sandwich, chips, and a coffee, please.

ASSISTANT:              Right, that’s £2.27, £1.35 and £1.05. That’ll be £4.67, please.