What would you do if you woke up and didn’t know where you were? In this book called 'Blackout' by Emily Barr, a young woman finds herself in a strange place and cannot remember how she got there.


Task 1 - comprehension

Task 2 - vocabulary

Task 3 - summary


I went to bed in my own bedroom, exactly as normal. I remember it clearly. I live in London, and I went to bed after Rob. I got into bed next to him and went to sleep. That is what happened last night.

Yet I cannot have gone to sleep in one room and woken up in another. This should be a dream, but I know that it isn’t. My eyes are sore. Everything about me is wobbly and unstable. I pinch my arm, because that is what you do if you think you’re dreaming, but it hurts, and my nails leave little crescents in my skin.

Time passes. I get up and stumble to the basin. Here, the ceiling slopes too much for me to stand up straight. There is no furniture except the bed, and oddly I seem to have nothing with me. No bag, no purse.

I drink three glasses of water quickly, and then hold on to the edge of the basin and wait for the sudden sick feeling to pass. I splash my face until the dried vomit has gone, and I do my best to rinse my hair, which sticks wetly to the side of my face. The walls are white and peeling with damp in some places. Red and white checked curtains flap in the breeze. There are sounds coming from outside. They are sounds of cars and horns, raised voices.

Suddenly I notice that I am fully dressed – but in clothes I have never seen before. They are far nicer than my own clothes, and they fit me perfectly. I am wearing a stiff cotton dress and a cardigan. The dress is white and green. The cardigan is green too, the kind of tight one that Audrey Hepburn might have worn. I am more confused than ever. Normally I wear jeans and T-shirts and anything I happen to find in a charity shop. I am not myself any more.

Author: Emily Barr  

Copyright: Copyright © 2013 Emily Barr

Title: Blackout

ISBN: 978 1 4722 1248 1

Reproduced by permission of the publisher Headline Publishing Gro



  • Why do you think the woman went to bed in one room and woke up somewhere different?
  • What do you think happened next?

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My comment is that it is a very interesting story because the woman wakes up in a place that does not know and has no idea how she got there.