Read about Joanna's new flat and complete the activities.


Hello Aisha

How are you?

I moved into my new flat last month. It’s great! Here’s a photo of my living room.

As you can see, there’s a TV in the corner, and there are some bookshelves above the TV with books and DVDs on them.

There’s a grey sofa and a fireplace, with a lot of photos on the shelf above it. There’s a big mirror above the fireplace. The carpet is cream and the walls are light grey.

I hope you’ll come and visit me soon, and then you can see it for yourself!




Task 1 - questions

Task 2 - fill the gaps


  • Tell us about living room. Is it similar to Joanna's?
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I think the exercises are good, but there could probably be an option in which the person could pick their english level and have the difficulty of the exercises accordingly to their english level.