Ana writes to Hatije about her new ESOL class. Read her letter about the class.


Task 1 - making questions

Task 2 - answer the questions



  • Do you have students of different nationalities in your language class? Where are they from?
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I am from Iran.I study English in Oakland college in St Albans.

This program is very use ful for me.I am very greatful for this program from my college Anne candan.


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This exercise es very useful, If I was found this page when I started my studies, I would have won much time.  thank you !

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Hi, I am Florinda.  I am studying Esol at Cardonald College in Glasgow.  In my class there are 20  students from different country. I am from Portugal, there are students from Sudan,  Afeganist, Pakistan, Sir i Lanka,  Poland, Cameron and Turkey. 

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Hi Florinda. That sounds like a great ESOL class with so many different nationalities, I'm sure you must learn something every day!

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This is a very good exercise , which i found very useful ,and  it has  helped 

me to get better at reading and writing.

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I'm from Nigeria. I was in a practical class in South Africa with people from India, qatar and tunisia. The experience was good and I hope for more.

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I am from VietNam. I study English in Exeter College.
This lesson is very useful for practice. Thank you very much!