In the UK, children often celebrate their birthday by having a party. Watch the video, which shows what often happens at a child's birthday party, and practise your speaking skills as you complete the activities.


Task 1 - learn words and phrases

Task 2 - comprehension

Task 3 - word order

Task 4 - your turn

Practise saying these sentences aloud:

Try to say them about a child you know.

  • I took my nephew Max to his friend’s birthday party.
  • He gave George his card and present.
  • There were lots of children from school there.
  • They played lots of games.
  • The children had some party food.
  • George’s dad made a birthday cake.
  • It had five candles on it because it was George’s fifth birthday.
  • We all sang “Happy Birthday”.
  • George blew out the candles and made a wish.
  • Everyone had a great time!
You can use your phone to record yourself speaking. Listen and record it again until you are happy.


Yesterday, I took my nephew, Max, to his friend George's birthday party. When we arrived, Max felt shy so I decided to stay with him. First, he gave George his card and present. There were lots of children from school there, so Max soon wanted to join in. They played lots of games, but Max’s favourite was ‘Pass the Parcel’. After playing games, the children had some party food – there were sandwiches, fruit, cakes, sausage rolls and lots of other delicious things. George’s dad made a birthday cake in the shape of a train. It had five candles on it because it was George's fifth birthday. We all sang ‘Happy Birthday’. He blew out the candles and made a wish. At home time, George gave Max a party bag. Inside there was a slice of cake and some small gifts and sweets. Everyone had a great time!



Think of a country you know well.

How do children celebrate their birthdays?

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In my country (Turkey) childrens have birthday party like in the UK. If children's parent doesn't work and have enough time to make it they make birthday cake in home , if they do they buy it. I think we are lucky because of to think about birthday party and presents so some children in the world even can't think about it... 

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Today, I talk about " A birthday party" in Vietnam. It is not more different in UK. But we are going to have a birthday party at school and at home. At school ( only kinder-school), we'll have welcome his birthday party in order to his friends and he can play games and eat cake together. we'll buy a bithday cake, more coke and more kinds of snack and then we'll bring it to his school. After his friends sing " Happy birthday", He blow out the candles and make wish. Then we will share cake to everybody here. At home, His parent will give " red lucky money" and " red eggs" to him ( because we are Vietnamese chinese ). Because we want our son have more good healthy and smarter than. Besides, we'll invite thier relative to his birthday party.....

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I ve never seen this site in my whole life , it is too good
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HI, im from Viet Nam too. Nice to meet you.

i hope we can talk English together

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I remember my first birthday party when I was thirteen.At time, my family was very poor and we live in countryside  so we had not good conditions to have a party.

It's really nice. I and my friends played lots of game which only children live in countryside have known. We ran. We sang. We danced. After playing, we had some party food. All of them was made by my mother. There were many kinds of fruit, kinds of snack and specialy a big birthday cake. It had thirteen candles on it. I flew out the candles and made wish. I was happy a lot. 

Now, when I grown up and my family have more money, we can celabrate more bigger party. But all of memories in childhood I never forget. 

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In Mexico, birthday parties are quite similar to UK ones but there is something particular of them. Parents are usually invited to attend the party and as the day goes on the children party becomes a grown-people party.

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Is like UK but the parents and relatives are invited to the party too and everybody is happy.

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Hi, in my country we celebrate our birthdays in the same way that the British people do ..
when i was child, mom mostly made my birthday cake ..
I invited my friends, we played games, ate party food, sang, danced and had fun.
Then we shared the birthday cake after I blew out the candles and made a wish ..
memories that I'll never forget ..

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I have never ever celebrated my birthday as i think it is useless. One should celebrate, work and be thankful for every healthy day in life.