a small boy at the dentists

Would you like to learn how to describe a picture? These activities will help you to speak about what you see in a photograph, in this case a photo of someone at the dentist’s.


Task 1 - understanding the description of the photo

Task 2 - words to talk about the dentist

Task 3 - different ways of saying things

Task 4 - your turn to speak

Describe this photo of a different visit to the dentist.  Record yourself speaking.

You could use the some of the phrases you heard in the description to help you. For example:

  • this photo shows
  • usually ....
  • at the moment ....
  • (person or noun) looks/ doesn’t look ....
  • a (noun) is when ....
  • sometimes when you/ he/ she/ it ....
  • we call this/ these ....


You can use your mobile phone to record yourself speaking. Listen and record it again until you are happy.


This photo shows a young boy at the dentist’s.  He’s sitting in the dentist’s chair.  Dentists have special chairs that can go back so the patient is nearly lying down.  Dentists usually put the chair down when they are working on the patient’s teeth, but at the moment the boy is sitting upright.

The boy doesn’t look scared and is smiling at the camera. A lot of people don’t like going to the dentist’s so it’s unusual that he looks so relaxed. The dentist has covered the boy’s top half with a disposable cloth to protect his clothes. 

The dentist is a woman and she seems to be talking to the boy.  She’s looking at him and using an instrument on his teeth.  The dentist is probably giving the boy a check up.  A check up is when the dentist looks carefully at someone’s teeth to decide if there’s anything wrong with them.  Sometimes when you go to the dentist you have a check up and then need some further treatment such as a filling.  The dentist usually also cleans your teeth.

She’s wearing disposable gloves and has a purple tunic over her clothes to protect them.  We call these type of clothes protective clothing because they protect someone’s clothes, usually when they are working.


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this photo seems to be during operation .then young girl is sittng on a chair white a open mouth so that dentist can operate her teeth their are two people one is a nurse and other is dentist nurse help him out dentist is a man who is wearing white over coat ,blue face mask and a white gloves using two instruments to operation young girl teeth nurse is also wearing gloves and she is holding an instrument too. young girl is looking so scared but still they are holding her because they have given her an anesthesia that is to minimize the pain hence this led the young girl to stay calm .