Listen to Penny describing a photo of a living room in a house and the practise yourself.. The language focus is modal verbs of deduction.

Do you like this room? Who lives in this house? What country is it in? 


Task 1 - comprehension

Task 2 - language activity

Task 3 - your turn

  • Can you describe your house?

You can use your mobile phone to record yourself speaking. Listen to your recording and compare it to the example here. If you think you could improve, you can record yourself again.


Mmm well what can I see in this photo? It’s a living room, clearly. And a very nice one too. It’s very light with all those windows and it’s sunny. It could be part of a house, or it might actually be a ground floor flat I suppose.

The people who own the house or flat must be fairly wealthy, as the furniture looks quite expensive. They can’t have young children as it’s very clean and tidy, and there are no toys anywhere.

And I don’t think they have any pets either, or at least, not in the house. The floor has some carpet I think, but I don’t think it’s on the whole floor.

The house is probably not in Britain – also, the plants look quite tropical, so it could be somewhere hotter. Spain maybe, or France.

The people who live here must really enjoy watching television because there’s a huge wide-screen tv on the wall.

Oh and there’s a small garden outside – they must love their house and garden very much as it all looks very beautiful.


What is your living room like? Can you describe it to us?

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My living room is very simples , like any normal house.I have got in my living room a  big sofa, brown carpet,dining table , and I have my television on table of our dining table.My dining room is English type,with small windows , by way I have in some place my kitchen.

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My living room is a bit simple; as I am student I have a desk and two Apple computers, one is a laptop and the other is a classical one and I also have got a lot of scientific books. Beside, I have a comfortable bed and two
armchairs as well as a beautiful carpet from Iran.