British people often celebrate important events by going out for a meal. Watch the video, which shows a group of friends having a meal together at a restaurant, and practise your speaking skills as you complete the activities.


Task 1 - check you know these words

Task 2 - comprehension

Task 3 - conversations at a restaurant

Task 4 - your turn to speak

Practise saying this conversation with a friend:

Waitress: Are you ready to place your order?

Customer: Yes. We're really hungry, so we'll have a starter and a main please.

Waitress: Ok, what can I get for your starters?

Customer: We'll share some garlic bread, please.

Waitress: And what would you like for your mains?

Customer: I'd like a margherita pizza, please, and the others are going to have spaghetti bolognaise.

Waitress: Fantastic. Excellent choices.

You can use your phone to record yourself speaking. Listen and record it again until you are happy.


Last Friday, I went out for dinner with Claire and Helen. Helen’s got a new job so we went out to celebrate. Claire booked a table for 7.30pm at her favourite Italian restaurant in town. When we arrived, the waiter showed us to our table, gave us some menus and took our drinks order. We were really hungry so we decided to have a starter and a main. We placed our order and chatted for a while. Our garlic bread soon arrived. We were hungry, so it disappeared very quickly! Next, the waiter brought our mains. He said, “Buon Appetito”, which is Italian for ‘Enjoy your meal!’. Claire and Helen chose pasta and I had pizza. The food was delicious, but I couldn’t manage a dessert! Claire and Helen had some ice cream, but I just had a coffee. I can’t wait to go again!



Have you ever had a meal in a restaurant in the UK?

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0 votes

I haven't had the opportunity to have a meal in a restaurant in the UK. I had in my country and I often enjoy cultural foods.

0 votes

I am hoping once a day I will have the opportunity to have dinner in an English restaurant in the UK.

0 votes

I live in Saudi Arabia and I've never been to the UK before so the answer to the question, sadly, is no. But I'd love to try the famous English breakfast one day.

The restaurant in the video reminds me of the time when I had lunch with my friends at an Italian restaurant here in Jeddah, but unlike Claire, I don't really consider going back there again. Don't get me wrong I LOVE Italian food but my experience with that particular restaurant wasn't that good, I only liked their salad. The pizza we ordered had some weird toppings I didn't really enjoy ;-;