Which time of the year do you prefer? Which is your favourite season? Here Anne talks about her favourite season.


Task 1 - matching

Task 2 - comprehension

Task 3 - word order

Task 4 - your turn

Tell us about how you feel about each season, which one is your favourite and why.

You can use your mobile phone to record yourself speaking. If you think you could improve, you can record yourself again.


What's your favourite season? I like each season in its own way. I like autumn because in England the trees change colour and they look really beautiful. In winter there is Christmas with lots of Christmas parties and family gatherings. In spring there are spring flowers and blossom trees, but my favourite season is summer. Why? Well, first of all I'm a teacher and I get a really long holiday in summer, but also because in summer, even though in England summer is often cool and rainy, there are always some nice, sunny days when you can eat out in the garden and have a barbecue. I love eating in the garden and having barbecue parties. That's why I like summer best. What about you? What's your favourite season and why?



Tell us all about your favourite season.

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Like the lady, I like all seasons, but my favourite season is autumn because ,unlike most of people, I get comfortable and exhilarated when the weather is cold, dark and cloudy.