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Reading aloud is shown to improve confidence and understanding. These activities have been designed to help you practise your reading and speaking skills in an authentic way. Listen to Jogita talk about her life in the UK. Jogita has written about her life in the UK – maybe she has had similar experiences to you, or maybe your stories are very different.


Task 1 - synonyms

A synonym is a word which means the same as another word.

e.g. A synonym of ‘sad’ is ‘unhappy’

Task 2 - pronunciation of -ed endings

-ed endings are pronounced /d/, /t/ or /Id/, depending on the sound that comes before them.                                          

  • The –ed ending in ‘turned’ is pronounced /d/      
  • The –ed ending in ‘helped’ is pronounced /t/
  • The –ed ending in ‘shouted’ is pronounced /Id/           

In this activity, you will identify the pronunciation of –ed endings of some of Jogita’s verbs and group them accordingly.

Task 3 - word stress

In natural spoken English, we don’t pronounce each syllable with the same emphasis (word stress).

For example, the word ‘student’ has two syllables, and the stress pattern is:

                                    O    o


The word ‘studying’ has three syllables, and the stress pattern is:

                                     O  o  o


Listen to some words taken from Jogita’s story and match them to the correct stress pattern.


Jogita’s story.

I moved to England last year in March because my mum wanted a better life for the family. My mum had already been living in England for three months when she went back for my brother, my sister and me. We were waiting for her while she prepared a new home for us in England.

When I arrived in England I was excited and happy, because this was my first time in the country, but, at the same time, I was very sad. On the outside I was happy, but inside I was not, because I didn’t want to leave all my friends. I wanted to cry but I tried to stay calm for my mum because she wanted to see me happy.

I liked everything I saw when I came to England – the buildings, the parks and the houses. I thought the people were friendly and always polite and smiling. People I didn’t even know smiled and said, “Hi, is everything okay?” I really loved it here in England.

I found people my age a bit rude. I thought that teenagers felt that they were the best because they were British and had already lived here a long time. But, I decided to stay positive and, after a while, everything was fine.

The difference between England and Latvia is huge. England is much bigger and there are more beautiful places than in my country, although, of course, in Latvia we have beautiful places as well. English people are more considerate about other people, and this is why so many people move here from other countries.

Now, I feel very good about living here. I’m used to it and I feel at home here. I like going back to visit Latvia and see old friends, but I don’t want to live there.

I see my future in England. Now I live in a town, but one day I might like to move to a bigger city. Like lots of my friends, I want to be a policewoman. But I will see what happens – this is just how I feel now. 


How about writing your own story about moving to the UK. You could then read your story to someone you know.

Recording and listening to yourself speaking is a really powerful way to improve your speech. You can use your mobile phone to record yourself speaking. If you think you could improve you can record yourself again.

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I am very happy to learn for Esol Nexus is marvellous so ecxited I will hope to speak much better  and also to have a good job and also to have good life.

Thank you very much


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Hi Sonia, thank you so much for letting us know that you are enjoying the site. Best of luck with your learning and getting a good job! 

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...and it worked really well. It was great to have the recording and all the worksheets. They're going to finish writing their stories at home and will read them aloud next week. I've been browsing the website and there's loads of really good and useful material here - thanks very much. The only problem is, I can't seem to get the games to download. Any ideas?

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Hi Anna, we had an issue with the games not loading which has now been fixed. We hope you continue to enjoy using the resources on ESOL Nexus with your learners.

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Two years ago, we, my wife and my four-year-old son and I moved to this city from China. There is so enormous difference between these two countries.
Here, in this new city, the air is fresh and a little moist. All the buildings and streets are clean. Things' price in shops is often a bit lower than products in China although some of them are imported from China. I don't know why.
People are very nice. When you meet some difficulties, there is often someone who will help you in time. Nevertheless, we met some difficulties in the first year. First of all, we couldn't understand English very well, so, sometime, we were not able to find our way to and/or from our destinations. For example, one night when we came back from the Walmart Supermarket, the bus stopped earlier than we thought because it was the last bus on that day, but we didn't get it from the driver. After getting off the bus, it was about 9:00 pm. and it was totally dark. Fortunately, the streets' light was very bright. We didn't know how to go back home. We were so scared because someone had told us that crimes in this city were the top ten high in the U.S.A. Suddenly, a person was walking to us. He asked us what was the matter. We couldn't express our true meanings in English clearly. It took a long time that he got what we meant finally. He took about 10 minutes to tell us the way home.
When we arrived home, it was about 12 o'clock. Luckily, we didn't discover any crimes on our way home. Actually, there are not as many crimes as we expected.
Now, our English has been improved dramatically than ours before. Sometime, we even are able to help other Chinese people whose English is very poor. We all like living in this new old city.