people sat on a bench in a park

Would you like to learn how to describe a picture? These activities will help you to speak about what you see in a photograph, in this case a photo of people in a park.


Task 1 - understanding the description of the photo

Task 2 - understanding the description

Task 3 - using prepositions like in, on and near

Task 4 - order the sentences

Task 5 - your turn

Now use what you have learned to describe this similar picture.

Don’t forget to say:

  1. Where the photograph was taken.
  2. Describe the details, e.g. on the left/ at the back / near the ?
  3. Use some of the phrases from task 4 e.g. In this photo you can see, I think
You can use your mobile phone to record yourself speaking. Listen and record it again until you are happy.


In this photo you can see people relaxing in the park.  There are 10 people in the photo.  There are 4 different groups of people either sitting or lying down.  I think the 4 groups don’t know each other because they are sitting separately.  The weather is nice.  It’s not raining and I think it’s summer, but not very hot as people have jackets on. 

We can see a man and a woman sitting on a bench.  The man is using a laptop computer and the woman is looking at what he’s doing. 

Near the flowers on the left and at the back there are 4 friends.  They’re drinking something and speaking to each other.  One of them is lying down, but I don’t think he’s sleeping.  In front of them near the middle are 2 more people, a man and a woman.  They’re talking and the woman is smiling. 

At the back on the right there are 2 people lying down.  It’s probably a man and a woman and they’re probably sleeping. 

The photo is probably of a park in a city or town so the people may be office workers who are having a lunch break.


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This is a photo of a sunny summer day in the park. Here we can see a happy family of two parents and two kids who are having their picnic in a shadow of a big tree. On the left we can see a lake with a lot of leaves on the water and on the right, to the back of them is a brown trellis bridge.
In this picture we can see that they are sitting on a blanket and eating watermelon. In front of the father are sitting both kids, a boy and a girl who are wearing T-shirts and jeans. I think the girl is having a funny discussion with her mother because they are smiling. The father is explaining something to his son who probably is too busy eating watermelon and he's not listening. In front of the mother we can see a basket, probably with food.

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In this picture I can see a park. The weather is sunny. In the foreground the photo shows a family. It consists of four people: a father, a mother and two children.
They are having a picnic on the grass. I think it is summer because all people are wearing light clothes with short sleeves. On the right, the mother has black long hair, she's smiling and she's holding in her hand a piece of water melon. All people are eating the water melon.
The father is behind his two children: everyone is sitting on a blanket.
On the blanket there are bread, fruit and a basket.
In the background I can see a big tree and other trees, a lake and a bridge.
The atmosphere looks very relaxing.