Sending and receiving things in the post is a great way to communicate with friends and family. Watch the video, which shows Sam receiving a special parcel from her friend in the UK, and practise your speaking skills as you complete the activities.


Task 1 - check you know these words

Task 2 - comprehension

Task 3 - a conversation at a post office

Task 4 - your turn to speak

Practise saying this conversation with a friend:

Assistant: Hello. How can I help you?

Customer: I'd like to send this parcel to my friend in Australia, please.

Assistant: Ok, put it on the scales, please... that'll be £7.90.

Customer: Great - that's cheaper than I thought! Is there anything else I need to do?

Assistant: No. I can see you've written the address on the front and your address on the back of the parcel. I just need to put the stamp and AIRMAIL sticker on it.

Customer: Fantastic. How long will it take to get there?

Assistant: It will take about a week.

Customer: Ok, thanks very much. Bye!

You can use your phone to record yourself speaking. Listen and record it again until you are happy.


My friend Sam lives in Australia. I live in England. We like to keep in touch by email and send each other photos of our families. Yesterday was Sam’s birthday, and I wanted to send her something special. I put Sam’s present in a box and wrapped it in brown paper. I wrote Sam’s address on the front and my address on the back. I took the parcel to the Post Office in town. There was a long queue, but the assistant was really helpful. He asked me to put my parcel on the scales so he could tell me how much it would cost to send. Then, he put a special stamp on it, and a sticker that said ‘BY AIRMAIL’. “It will take about a week,” he said. Anyway, that was ten days ago. This morning, I got an email from Sam. She was delighted to receive a birthday present all the way from England!



How do you keep in touch with people in other countries?

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0 votes

my parents and sisters live in pakistan and i keep in touch through internet.

i talk to them everyday.

and i can talk to them free of cost.

these days distance doesnt matter because we can talk to our family and friends in other countries free. 

0 votes

Yes, I do. With a lot of friends who are living in  the USA, in the UK and in Germany.

0 votes

I live in UK and my parents and sister live in Turkey. I keep in touch with them by facebook and skype .. I think it's a shame because it shows that  we live in virtual world.

0 votes

I agree that we live in an almost virtual world at times. However when I was younger and lived abroad the only contact I had with friends and family was by letter and (expensive) phone calls - no emails, no texts and definintely no skype!  

0 votes

Do you have any suggestions to get rid of virtual world?  It's easy to say we can live without computer or telephone ,but almost it's impossible. Most of us have a job with computer. 

0 votes

My family live in Jordan & I live in Abu Dhabi. I keep in touch through skype and I call them everyday almost. I talk with my wife and my children and we discuss any new issues . Internet make people close to each others.


0 votes

My friend lives in Canada and I live in Vietnam. We keep in touch via facebook. When I see her nickname turns to green, it means that she is online. We can chat and talk about every little things happened in our lives, such as how her work is going on or which books we are reading, ect. Sometimes, she is not online because she is busy or has some work to go outside. Therefore, I just leave some messages and she will read them whenever she opens her facebook. 

I have asked her address before but I have never send her any mails. I think I will send a birthday card to her on her coming birthday. Maybe you think is an old-fashioned way to celebrate a friend's birthday. But I think she would be very happy when she receives a letter from a far far away country. 


0 votes

I think we can not get rid of virtual world completely. Computers, smart phones,... They help us a lot. But, if it is not emergency or nessesary, we can definately use letter or even see each other in person. 


1 vote

My family lives in Philippines. I live in UK. I keep in touch through Skype and Facebook I call them almost everyday to talk with my mum and dad, discuss any issues about the family and also to show my daughter. Distance doesn't matter because we can talk to our family in other countries for free.

0 votes

I keep in touch with my sister through skype. She does leave in the Czech Republic. I call her every day almost. It's really great because I can see her by the camera and it dosen't cost me anything! We also send messages by the mobile phone and time to time we send a letter to each other, because we think it's more personal and nostalgic.