a woman speaking on her mobile phone

This activity will help you prepare for ESOL speaking examinations and giving short, informal presentations. In this activity, Kelly talks about mobile phones.

You are going to practise giving a 2 minute-long presentation on this topic:

"Mobile phones are an essential part of modern life."

(From Cambridge ESOL Speaking & Listening Level 1 Past Paper 5)


Task 1 - listen to Kelly's talk

Task 2 - advantages and disadvantages

It’s a good idea to discuss both sides of a situation, the ‘good things’ and ‘bad things’, or the ‘advantages’ and ‘disadvantages’. How many other ways can you think of to say this? 

Task 3 - prepare your talk

Now prepare your talk; “Mobile phones are an essential part of modern life." Organise your ideas into ‘positive things’ and ‘negative things’, and try to include at least two of the expressions from Activity 2.

You can use your mobile phone to record yourself speaking. If you think you could improve, you can record yourself again.


The mobile phone is essential in our modern lives. We gave it (an) essential place in our lives.

Nowadays almost everyone has got a mobile phone because it’s useful. Thanks to the mobile phone we can communicate, we can make phone calls, we can send texts, we can go on the web and check information, we can listen to music, watch videos.

All those aspects are positive, but as we know the waves are not safe for our health and I think that the mobile phone has transformed the way we communicate with people. Thanks to the mobile phone we can communicate maybe more often with people but the quality of our interaction with people has been affected by the mobile phone.

Some people they can’t live without mobile phones. For example if you had told me last month ‘Try to stay without your mobile one month, one month without using your mobile phone.’

I would have told you ‘No, that’s not possible because I need my mobile phone to communicate, and I can’t communicate without my mobile phone’. But when I’ve thought of it, I just realized that before having the mobile phone I used to communicate!

Then sometimes we need to think about our relationship with the mobile phone. I think maybe in a few years we will notice that the mobile phone has brought more issues to our lives than positive aspects.



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This exercise should be updated. Mobile phones are becoming into smartphones and they can do many more things than before.

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Now our life has become so dependent on mobile phones. Beside its basic functions, it also tell about the blood pressure of a person. In settling important disputes of land etc, one can make a video, write a document and saved them for future evidence. These are the useful aspects.