Have you got a job or are you looking for one? In this video Anne tells us about her job.


Task 1 - questions

Task 2 - reorder the words

Record yourself

Now you can record yourself talking about your job.

Answer these questions:

  • Is it temporary or permanent?
  • Is it full-time or part-time?
  • Is it boring or interesting?
  • Is it well-paid or badly-paid?
  • Do you like it?
You can use your mobile phone to record yourself speaking. If you think you could improve you can record yourself again.


Hello, today I'm going to talk to you about my job. I'm a teacher and I work at a college of further education. My job is a permanent job, which means it's not just for a short period of time, but it's not a full-time job because a full-time job is five days a week and I work four days a week. I don't work on Mondays, so my job is part-time. But my job isn't nine to five either because I have to work in the evenings. On Tuesday and Thursday I have an evening class. I really like my evening class but I don't enjoy working in the evening because I get home too late. Some of the teachers at my college are employed through an agency, but I'm not. I'm directly employed by the college, which means my pay and conditions are slightly better: for example I get better holidays. I really like my job. I find it quite interesting to meet new people all the time, and it's quite well paid. How about you? Have you got a job, or are you looking for a job? Why not tell us about it?



  • Have you got a job? Tell us about your job or a job you would like.
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I don't work as a professional emplyee in any organization, but I am working with some organizations  often.

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Hi there! it's my first time I comment on your website. Concerning the question in the video or episode above, I work as a budget inspector in Algeria, in theory, it's an interesting job, but in reality, it's very boring , we work on the same tasks every day, everything gets repeated and the director, although he is young, you can't discuss with him, he is old-fashioned. In conclusion, I am fed up with routine.