A wedding is an important celebration of the marriage of two people. Watch the video, which describes a typical British wedding, and practise your writing skills as you complete the activities.


Task 1 - find the verbs and the nouns

A verb is a word that says that someone does something or that something happens, for example:

I went to Ade and Sarah's wedding.

A noun is a word for a person, place or thing.

I went to Ade and Sarah's wedding.

Task 2 - fill the gaps


Yesterday, I went to Ade and Sarah’s wedding. Often, British people get married in a Church, but Ade and Sarah didn’t want a religious ceremony, so they chose the registry office in town. The bride looked stunning in her long, white dress and the groom was so handsome in his suit – a beautiful couple! Also in the wedding party were the pageboy, two bridesmaids and the best man. There were lots of family and friends there, too. During the ceremony, the registrar spoke about marriage and Ade and Sarah made promises to each other. One of the bridesmaids read a lovely poem and the couple exchanged rings.  After the wedding, we went to a restaurant for the ‘wedding breakfast’. Normally, breakfast is in the morning, but a wedding breakfast happens after the wedding, usually in the late afternoon. After the meal, the best man and the bride’s dad made speeches. So did Ade. There was music and dancing for the rest of the night. It was wonderful. 



Think about a country you know well.

  • Describe a typical wedding day.
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Here, in Egypt wedding is different from Britain. First, as a Muslims, marriage's ceremony happens in a mosque. The parents of the bride and the groom, the relatives and the friends attend and witness this event. In this ceremony, like in Britain, the bride and the groom makes promises to each other.
Second, unlike British, Egyptians people usually make their wedding party at night. This party should be well prepared as it's considered one of the most important nights in their lives. In the party, there's music and dancing. It's essential to record this memorable event. people keep videos of this night to watch later in their lives and to show to their children.
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In Turkey , we normally get married in registry office.( sometimes we can do it with wedding party) After marriage we make wedding party in night but it's more different than party. There is no food , just  3-4 layer cake that brime and groom cut it together and waiter serve it with drinks. This is traditional one.

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It's really interesting to hear about weddings in Egypt and Turkey and how they differ from a typical wedding in the UK. We'd love to hear about the wedding traditions in other countries!

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Hi, For me , this topic is one of the most important events in a woman's life. A beautiful history of a couple was created the moment a bow has been given by both. A very interesting day wherein families, relatives and friends gather to celebrate with the couples. A typical wedding involves a church for catholics, a reception where they gather and the last was so called the most intimate part celebrated moments of the couple as husband and wives. A wedding day as far as I know must be solemn indeed and a commitment by two people who wish to share their lives even through their most difficult time.

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the wedding before start the groom mother should see the pride and set down to gather to speech a bout there son an daughter , the next point should be often at afternoon with a sheikh ( Muslim) like a pop who put down them in papers with small party with two rings and a cheep meat food , the wedding party after that with a celebrate for women with out men in a place specially for wedding its the last nights

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Here in Brazil the wedding can happen in any part of the day but in general couples get married during the evening. Usually they go to the registration office one week before the religious ceremony. Here Catholic and Protestant weddings are similar and have several best men and the made of honour, bridesmaids and the little girls or little boys that bring the rings. After the ceremony you have dinner and dancing all night.

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In Pakistan marriage is bit different from other Muslim countries. This event is mostly held in hotels. Parents of bride and groom, relatives, friends, neighbors all attend this event and have the wedding dinner. Most important thing is the Nikah ceremony in which the bride and groom make promises to each other.