Do you know how to write about yourself? Read Leyla’s personal information and complete the activities. Then write about yourself.


Task 1 - complete the sentences

Task 2 - make the sentences

Task 3 - spelling


My name is Leyla Bilmez. 
I am 28 years old. 
I am married and I have got two children. 
I am from Turkey. I live in London. 
I am a shop assistant. 
In my free time I like playing tennis.



Now it’s your turn!

  • Write about you. Use Leyla’s story to help you.

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Hi first of all i want to comments on above video  that i liked this video and i really appriciate to members of staff that who bring very very interesting clips for us to learn englsih.

I am muammad asif. I am from Paksitan but i live  in Manchester. I am married but i got no childern. Thank you

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My name is Moldir, friends basically call me Molya) I'm 17 years old,  I will be 18 soon) I'm from Kazakhstan! I proud to be Kazakh! I'm a student of the third year of college. My leisure time generally devoted to my family, my friend especially to my nephews and nieces! 

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I'm Suranga from Sri Lanka, my friends usually called me Bandara. I'm working as a technical officer at TRCSL who was married and have two children. they were 6 year old and 18 month I have been learning English since few month. so I like to improve my English knowledge as soon as possible becase it's more useful for my datoday work.

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My name is Jesus Lopez.

I am 21 years old.

I am single and i have no children.

I from Mexicali.

I live in Mexicali.

I am a student.

In my free time I like to use my computer.

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My name is alexis, I was born in san luis but live in puebla,I have 18 years old , I like Play soccer and don't dance.

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My name is Jose Garcia, I am 26 years old, im single with no children, i am from tijuana B.C. Mexico, I live in Mexicali B.C. Mexico, I am a student, in my free time i like to study.

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my name is diego. i'm 33 years old. i got two children. i'm from mexico. i live in Mexicali. i am a engineer. in my free time i like to make exercise.

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My name is Bruce, I am from Brazil, I am 25 years old, I have one daughter.

I like watch series and movies in english for better my english, I live with my wife, I worked with TI

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Hello, Everyone!! Well, My name is Miguel,I am 24 years old, I am single and I haven't children,I live in Mexicali is border between Mexico and USA, I am from Mexico. I am a student and in  my free time I like to hear the radio, currently, I have short time learning English.