In this activity, you will learn when it’s ok to stop on the hard shoulder, and the safest way to do so. You will also learn some relevant vocabulary.


Task 1 - Vocabulary

Look at the words from above; can you match the words that mean the same?

If you need help, watch the video again - the numbers tell you where you can find the words in the video.

Task 2 - Listening


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Lots of interesting and useful words about the topic I had never explored before.

Many thanks.

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Thank you for this oportunity to learn about driving safe on the Motorway! When I drove first time in the UK,it was very hard to get use with all the Driving Regulations changed! I needed two times more atention than a UK citizen got use with! Of course that I made mistakes sometimes,but I was lucky and nothing went wrong! Now,I believe that I follow UK Driving Regulation better than few month ago and I try to improve my driving skills day after day! Thank you!