Would you like to study a subject like computing or accounting to get a better job? Or would you like to study something like pottery to learn a new hobby and meet new people? In this activity we will help you decide if you are ready to study another subject, or whether you should continue studying English first.


Before you start

Is there a subject that you are really interested in?

What do you think? Is it better to focus on developing your English until it is really good, or should you join a class in a different subject that you are interested in, even if you can’t understand everything?

What skills will you need to follow a course that you like? Here are a few ideas;

  • Social English
  • Listening to instructions
  • Learning by watching
  • Listening and note-taking
  • Talking about your ideas
  • Reading
  • Computer skills
  • Maths

Task 1 - different subjects

Task 2 - what skills do you need?


Do you have the right skills to try a course in a subject you are interested in?  Why not try?

Speak to the teacher before you start a course - they will tell you if they think you’ll be okay, and they’ll explain to you what kind of help you can get.

Why not try some of the other activities in the ‘education’ series such as ‘Is my English good enough to do an Art course?’ and ‘Asking for extra support at an interview.’

Don’t forget to tell us how you get on by posting a comment onto the ESOL Nexus website.