Charities are organisations that raise money to help people who are in very difficult situations. They collect money in many different ways, and sometimes they come to your home to ask you for money. In these activities, you will learn what to say if someone comes to your door and says they are collecting money for charity.


Task 1 - understanding words in the film

In this first task, check your understanding of some important words in the film.

Task 2 - useful questions to ask a charity collector

This next task will help you learn the useful questions that Sunita (the wife) asks the men in the video.

You should ask these questions if someone comes to your door and says they are collecting for charity. 

Task 3 - summary

Check your understanding of the whole film by putting the summary into the correct order. 


Husband Hello? Who is it please?Crook 1 Oh hello. We’re collecting money for charity.Crook 1 Hello mate, how are you?

Husband I’m good thanks. How can I help?

Crook 1 We’re actually collecting money today. For charity.

Crook 2 Yes, that’s right. We’re collecting money today. For charity.Husband Oh, great. What is it?

Crook 1 Charity? It’s like, money for people who need it, like poor people. Or animals.

Husband I know what charity means. But which charity is it? What are you collecting for?

Crook 2 Animals.

Crook 1 Babies.

Crook 1 Animals.

Crook 2 Babies.

Crook 1 Baby animals.

Crook 2 Yeah, like baby dogs, baby… horses, baby... dogs.

Crook 1 So, would you like to make a donation?

Husband ‘make a donation’? Sorry, I don’t understand.

Crook 1 Give some money.

Husband Ah, I see. Well, I love animals. Can I do it over the internet?

Crook 2 Yes.

Crook 1 No.

Crook 2 No.

Crook 1 Cash?

Crook 2 Cash.

Husband I’ll just ask my wife. (He goes back inside the flat.)

Crook 2 Why’s he asking his wife?

Crook 2 Well maybe she’s the boss. Maybe she’s the boss, and she’s got the cash.

Crook 2 No, she’s not the boss. He’s the boss.

Wife They said WHAT?

Husband Well, they said …

Wife They said WHAT? Did they have ID?

Husband Well, they …

Wife Did you ask them for ID?

Husband I … Well

Wife Stupid men! .... (She comes to the door.) Hello.

Crook 1 & 2 Hello.

Wife What’s the name of your charity?

Crook 2 Baby animals

Crook 1 Charity

Crook 2 Collecting money … for

Crook 1 Baby Animals

Crook 2 Like Baby Horses and Baby Dogs.

Wife So ‘The Baby Animals Charity Collecting Money for Baby Animals like

Baby Horses, Baby Dogs.’ That’s the name of your charity?

Crook 1 & 2 Yeh.

Wife What is your charity number?

Crook 1 Well, …

Wife Can I see some ID please?

Crook 1 Show them the ID. Our ID cards from… the office… of the charity… where we work.

Crook 2 What? Oh, yeah, wait a minute.

Wife OK, look, if you can’t show us ID cards, we can’t let you come in. And we can’t give you any money. OK? Goodbye.

Crook 2 Yeah… she’s the boss.

Crook 1 Hey, hey, wait! Wait!



Sunita didn’t believe the men. Do you think she was right?

Which charities do you support?

What do you do to support them?

Add a comment below to tell us!

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