Have you ever received telephone calls from people trying to sell you things? In these activities, you will learn what to say if you receive these types of telephone calls, which are called ‘cold calls’.


Task 1 - understanding the main points

Task 2 - understanding in detail

Put all the things that happened into the correct order. 

Task 3 - useful phone phrases

Learn some phrases you can use on the phone, if you speak to a cold caller.


Husband:  OK. You can come in now!

Wife: Oh thank you. And you’ve cooked a meal    and everything!
Husband: Happy birthday my darling.
Wife: How romantic!
Husband: I know!
(The phone rings.)
Husband: Hello?
Cold caller 1: Hello Sir, how are you?
Husband: Well, I’m fine thanks.
Cold caller 1: Can I speak to the person who pays the energy bills?
Husband: Speaking. I pay the bills.
Cold caller 1:  Well, I’m calling from a company called Cheap Energy 4 U. Would you like to save money on your energy bills sir?
Husband: Yes, of course, but,… sorry, I’m busy  now. It isn’t a good time to talk.
Cold caller 1: OK, can I call you back in… in an   hour?
Husband: No, that will be worse. I’m sorry, but please don’t call me again. How did you get my number?
Cold caller 1:  It’s on our database of numbers.
Husband:  Can you delete my number please? I’m sorry, but I don’t want any more calls from you.
Cold caller 1: I understand sir. I’ll delete your number. Sorry for the problem. Good  night.
Husband: Thank you. Bye bye.
Wife: Mmmm  Lovely soup.
(The phone rings.)
Wife: I’ll get it this time… Hello?
Cold caller 2: Hello, I’m doing a customer survey. Can I ask you a few questions?
Wife: Oh, yes, could you hold one moment    please?
Cold caller 2:  OK, I’ll wait.
Husband: Cold calls! I really don’t like cold calls.
Wife: Yeah. They’re calling almost every  day now. You know, somebody told me, you can ask the phone company to stop them, if you want.
Husband: Interesting, very interesting. But not very romantic….
Wife: No, I’m sorry.
Cold caller 2: Hello? Hello? Hello?



  • Do you agree with Arjun that cold calls are annoying? Or can cold calls help you, for example help you save money?

Write and tell us what you think.


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I'm agree with Arjun, cold calls are annoying, but colds call can help me to improve my listening.